page title icon Rookie PM mistakes: No 1 – emailing tasks

It’s tempting to use email to issue tasks to your team and other project colleagues. It’s easy – you send an email and then sit back in the knowledge that the task will be done by the due date!

Or will it?? Let’s just check what you need to confirm….

  1. Does your colleague fully understand what needs to be done?
  2. Do they have everything they need to do the task (resources, information, software, etc)?
  3. Do they know the target completion date for the task?
  4. Are they available to do the work to meet this date? (Do they have capacity?)
  5. Is there anything else which might delay this task or prevent it from being completed?

The above points are fundamental, so what do we need to do in order to be confident the task will be done when required? 

  • Speak with your colleague either directly or in a team meeting. Asking the above questions may flag a gap in knowledge or lack of availability to do the work!
  • Once you are have agreed the delivery details with your colleague and made sure there are no blockers to delivery, you can then send your email confirming these.

And of course don’t forget to add the task to your Action Log…! We’ll cover action logs in a future post.

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