page title icon 13: How to deal with project overload

You’re delivering your projects. Everything is fine. And then the wheels begin to fall off…

As a project manager it’s quite easy to become overloaded and it’s happened to me several times. You’re running a project that you thought would be relatively straightforward. You’ve allowed 2.5D per week (50%) utilisation. But a supplier badly underperforms and you need to spend more time trying to escalate, manage and rectify the situation. The 2.5D turns into 4D, which leaves only 1D for your smaller projects. But you also need to attend all the weekly management meetings, briefings and do your compulsory training. Ouch.

You put in some extra hours but it’s not enough. Over a period of weeks things begin to decline. Plans aren’t getting updated, a report goes out a day late. Some of your actions are pushed back by a week and you haven’t had time to properly review your agile board. Help!!

Show notes:

How to deal with project overload

  • How to identify if you are overloaded
  • What problems it causes
  • Who is actually responsible?
  • How to deal with the situation
  • What if it doesn’t work out like you hoped? What do you do then?

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