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7: Running Effective Project Meetings

Meetings can be a complete time-hog unless managed and structured In this project management podcast we’re covering meetings, both from an organiser but also from an attendee perspective. We cover some basic dos and don’ts to avoid meetings becoming inefficient and a time-drain. And we talk about biscuits 🙂 Show Notes Organiser • Be clear … Read more

5: PM Essentials – The Decision Log

We’ve just released our latest Podcast – Episode No 5 covers a PM Essential which is The Decision Log (part of your RAID log). Checkout the podcast via the Podcasts page or you can skip that and go straight to the Resources page and download a free decision log template.

4: How Agile delivers value into an organisation

In this podcast we discuss how an agile approach can add value versus old school waterfall methodologies. TRANSCRIPT In this post we’re covering how Agile delivers value into an organisation. There’s an awful lot out there on agile – the actual process of implementation – but less on how it actually delivers value, particularly compared … Read more

3: How to communicate with your senior stakeholders on a project

This blog post is also available as a podcast if you’d rather listen than read. In this post we’re covering stakeholder communications, and in particular senior stakeholders. In the normal project that will mean your project sponsor but possibly somebody like the CIO if you’re doing a tech project or maybe somebody even at VP … Read more

Podcast is live!

We’ve launched the Smarter Project Manager podcast with a short intro and the first episode which covers “What are the qualities of a good PM?”. In a future episode you can expect something advanced and probably unexpected. All will be revealed soon!! You can subscribe or play from our podcast page. Thanks for listening.

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Rookie PM mistakes: No 1 – emailing tasks

It’s tempting to use email to issue tasks to your team and other project colleagues. It’s easy – you send an email and then sit back in the knowledge that the task will be done by the due date! Or will it?? Let’s just check what you need to confirm…. Does your colleague fully understand … Read more