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Check out our Electric Vehicle FAQ. Comprehensive information answering all your most commonly asked questions on electric cars.

What does EV stand for?

EV stands for Electric Vehicle. Any type – so this could mean an electric car, van or truck.

What does BEV stand for?

This means ‘Battery Electric Vehicle’. Some electric vehicles are powered by a Hydrogen Fuel Cell – so they don’t have a battery.

How does an electric car work?

It uses electricity to charge a large onboard battery, which powers an electric motor. There is no fuel tank or gasoline. Checkout our electric car guide for more information.

What is regeneration in an electric car?

This is when the EV uses the motor to slow down the vehicle, instead of the brakes. This has two benefits:
1 – Energy is returned into the battery (instead of being lost as heat through braking friction)
2- Your brake pads and discs last longer through reduced use